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tv   CCTV News  PBS  February 28, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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didn't you. do this. we did ch the sea. it seems strange that the team and eliminates that sets the awesome it's a small hand at all in crimea chinese they say it but
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never rested. i suspect that the courts in the file on the box. rachel to fall. when companies running the state since nineteen ninety three apology wartime slaves. will you be examined and eight. i thought it was made in china is fast becoming complacent asia pacific region. welcome to cctv news on the tuning in banking least not seen climbing and now the center of the critical stall in ukraine ukraine's kneeling carry many staff awesome novel called sis iraq to me the trees blocking an apple in the black sea port of a seven step though in crimea me in the russian naval base man on man at the chilling
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another and forth in the regional capital. and the unidentified armed group took control of the appellant's have not seen rough road. witnesses say around fifty alms man just admit it really full speed down to recognize a built in sink me as we put me with the russian navy slacks to renovate the airport's domestic flight terminal at the appeal to the undying the airport to operate normally and also stay an encore of british identity and is reported to have ceased to crime unit administrative buildings with the race the russians. yes we have mentioned just now and sat on identified the alms group shot looking chilling will be toting the same apropos and polish the capital of ukraine's crimea on this breakup make
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up respondent and foam box and was one of the fast on the scene and filmed as the alms brooch and a member of the so called itself the times that i didn't the airport in central poland. crimea where we have discovered that there are a number of armed men arrived at the airport they're wearing combat fatigues and carrying what looked like the rifles they wearing helmets and they look too intense and purposes like soldiers. great group. but dean is with them as well and we spoke to him about why did here. and what they're doing it he stood rooted to the ski pole comes here from ukraine we've passed intentions. we would send them back. the state who
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want to keep radicalism no way we don't want fascism in crying yet. all these armed groups that of a riot at the airport. they say they'll hit two weeks. people here and to keep the peace but they don't identify themselves. saturday off with a payoff for russian crew crimean for ukrainian. all of allegiance to some of the group and it all comes in a very tense situation in and some opal and in crimea. off to a new government was voted in in kenya. we saw yesterday how armed men took control over government building in sight to succeed simply awful we've seen protests by pro russian groups in the city i'm groups who are pro pm
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and what are you crying the situation very tense here and eat a meal or just give warning russia against any moves that might provoke aggression. a four minute intervention here but she does couple launched its new base in crimea inut two hundrem away. but the hubby warms only ukraine must say that the soldiers alps off the pace when optional with the soldiers come from. they haven't identified themselves but if they all run on base or if they do represent a pro russian forces here in crimea just to think very serious escalation and eight. well to palm boston these now keen
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for a new home. that dh home is republic of crimea eighties that one of the sd complete school's fault lines in ukraine's towards east peacemaking situation in the capsule asking for a pro now. but domestic events here in crimea that says outreach to the unfolding drama across this southern parts of ukraine. you can see behind me the parliament building here in the crimean capital since the cold wet it was i'm in the early alice so often the likes of dave got the backs of all groups about sixty sixty men went into the building. they have since let lawmakers into the building to cost a decision to hold a referendum on crates are all on the full
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crimea. in may. i'm so it seems rather a portal to my hse operation service here on saying those men are still inside the building a house up for these cold cold winds around the building is well on the small group of protesters waving russian flags on russian navy slacks and also the russian navy slacks going into the at fault it's simpler awful in the small hours of the nights sold just that. perhaps they will know that since they were wearing. what what appears to be admitted to uniforms with prop up a minute to tell mixed with the tree looking rifles and squeeze the ministry uniforms on as well so it's a work of immediate self defense but timely an awesome bead sets up in crime in the crimea
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they would have access to some very advanced equipment also these reports as well all the minutes the base of the tree and fields near the southern ports also boasts awful being seized items ukraine's interior minister saying that he considers got them all making station via russia opening so how will it end this situation the facts the already tense situation and in ukraine. what is difficult to see how it could help the tensions that we saw seen recently white suits and some sorrowful a protest with the crimean talks on someone's site supporting kiev ukraine. i'm pro russian groups. having classes as well as a protest here in the crimean capital city is running very high amongst those groups of crimea has
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been majority population of ethnic russians but also about a quarter of the population of the ukrainian and about twelve percent of ethnic talks up to their list of potential that for an exclusive mix of when. when these questions of bush also what the status of crimea will be up within ukraine and moves such as the interim president said russia not to also releasing its full sizzle pro russian forces whatever's happened today. it does not seem to seam to the us the government in kiev but the russians all the pro russian forces are abiding by those agreements. making the situation ever more sense
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to him and today that tom watson in the coaching from crimea. on the economists in the property of crimea is on the most intense that the docs seattle kitties and the rest of the crimean penny silat is the only ukrainian beach and then actually collections are in the majority. according to two thousand and one statistics said that fifty eight percent on the russians and twenty four percent of ukrainians it's cold and set us to parent these psychic ranks second in law just as bad as being home to russia's black sea fleet. russians make up about ten sixty percent of the sea keys population. this location the navigation conditions may care to the step and a key strategic maple point the ukrainian continent of truth to ask me i'm single and subprime amy said
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yesterday the thirty nine year it said it asked finance minister foreign minister and putting them to speak up is my green viewed as a techno practically for my wits kenya from the united states and he now faces the huge be called the kt cost of restoring stability in a deeply divided country is on the back just wanting to collapse he said the country's future lies in the european union carbon friendly relations with russia. he took on him into the mind immediate challenge is ukraine's territorial unity. well russian news agencies say. ukraine's president of the tented its recruiting news conference on friday in the russian cd of the grosse the long gone since the removal of piano ten each from office did not stay out of the constitution yes insisted he still didn't
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get to make any doubt of ukraine is fifteen hours he'll start he's now thinking how lacking key and passed it to me. moral was happening in ukraine when i joined not respond instantly left in the kinky as an upcoming an idea that you will skip that part of its mouth is full of really somehow makes and it's a crime yet will be the next stash point of coffee in ukraine. given the increasing tensions in the majority russian speaking area was the reaction back in tx indeed many people here watching those latest developments ltd sell you the headline when a local newspaper here that the title the article from near the empire strikes back or sign any of our star wars fans will get the reference there. but the umpire here
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being a reference to a rush up of this of course ukraine his old stomping grounds of the soviet union and that is how russia is referred to here and many people were expecting some sort of response either from moscow or from people who are backed by moscow we understand other than the last few minutes the interim president elect on the porch enough but has called for an emergency meeting of the new cabinet now some of those cabinet members were due or perhaps a party headed down to the creamy in the region winners and that includes the acting interior minister robson the vocals and die and also a a a high level delegates perhaps even the minister themselves from the ministry of defence now earlier a winger tom reporting about the preferred
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but to what happened is an armed invasion and occupation in violation of all international agreements and the norms and some strong no words coming here from torching of the head of his meeting place emergency meeting of a warning russia that any military movements and even the more so is there with weapons beyond the boundaries of this territory clothes will be seen as a military aggression the collar the people viewing it here. well just past eleven am here on friday and many people on thursday evening saw those images coming from the ukraine up from the region of the crimea including that a russian flag flying above a parliament building their time as parliament building which is part of ukraine a one man referred to as saying. it's like a man coming home to find his wife in bed with
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another man many people saying this is adding insult to injury here. ah yes how he is in russia. reacting to situations in crimea and the head of ukraine as well very little official reaction from russia to the most recent events in ukraine russia did say that he considers be seen above is the country's only legitimate president hot weather yesterday vice president biden appleton said. he ordered his government to continue talks with ukraine on economic and trade cooperation and also to consult foreign partners including the imf and the g eight on financial aid to think that supporting the statement was posted on the kremlin's outside the statement also said that not only by men who ordered his government to consider a request from the cranes on
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the southern region upright media for humanitarian aid now. and no details were released about that that the humanitarian aid but it's clear at this point that russia does consider kind yes it's the end influence. and as you mentioned this to the region is the only region of ukraine where the majority of the population is boston and moscow will continue to try to maintain that influence either directly by providing financial and humanitarian aid when directly by simplifying the procedure of teaching russian passports for the residents of cranium but the thing is definite that possible try them and maintain the site is for them yes our stake president and the canon ten d a suspect to seize the day and then found that a sal is time to work colleagues at the expense on
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that news conference. well each piece she made a statement yesterday in which he said that he also considers himself the ukraine's legitimate president and that he's biting very likely to be frank that during his press conference today. we're also expecting him to talk a bit more about his future because also in that statement is that he published yesterday he asked what shot up to provide security for him he said he didn't feel safe and that's something that process agreed to do it that we were done in a government source in in the quoted by the russian media outlets has said he will provide security for katrina club is still out we're expecting the outfit ukrainian presents itself a bit more about that that said early and about sixty and
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the press conference by indicating to us. the likely reaction that he's was we'll get in the ukrainian capital you can see the independence square them i'd done behind me this is actually the anti asst i've seen in days and that's probably a some sort of indication that many people here fear of that the crisis or an escalation of a crisis in the creamy in a region might actually steal the thunder of from the ongoing protests here in the my god we do expect other chemical that is of speech will be broadcast as it is transmitted. here in the mike dunn and the large screen behind me by the stage and we expect many more people will be here to watch of course will be getting their immediate reaction but again another indication that perhaps some of the thunder
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might be stolen. of the autonomous region's parliament in korea voted to hold that a referendum on the twenty fifth if you'll recall from our broadcast over the course of the last week that is the same date that has been set by the new parliament for presidential elections in ukraine many people here saying they will stay in the square the protests will continue until the presidential election. it's unclear if they bulk bill be able to keep that momentum here as there is some sort of escalating confrontation between people between ukraine and russia were at least a rebels are loyal to russia. thank you very much anti terror iraq back in tn santa ana canyon. in most of you watching cctv means in my pack. fan. sells. steve
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the only online. yet to meet say they have arrested a suspect and says his boss firing cleaned out the captaincy to quito province in southwest china and the suspect is currently being interrogated. so far six people have died and in the midst of the victims has been released thousands of the injured passengers are now being treated in hospital i put it in. and aspirations she shows only six people had and he lived and thirty five injuries after the bombs bursting in to place on thursday afternoon. the boss has now been taken away from the same. patrons to nano every attacking them to be terrorists and bring down the two doctors take most of them i can stay perfectly still while the months to see in this series i've been
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thinking that the chance to get in this hospital. i took on the jewish elite east coast beach you have the guts to bring me sleepy. repeat for weeks the knee injuries i received a special treat and he knew what if the injuries. brady during the final. usually i like the ranks it's a step by step treatment old and being traced the fence to step is to treat the ancient tomb shocked. the second step scene closely to avoid infection. the third step is to treat the wound passengers injured know why they call especially when the bus burst into flames a fire started at the tackle box or seen them rebuilt the bus to go push their way to from. but then the fire
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reached the front. to protect men had been manhandled burns the show say that people would stop street minding duties in the body and called the treaty into the hospital recently. some of them happy cctv yet greater profits all my japanese primates that ollie came right out on since the nineteen ninety three called all statements should not be be examined the statement acknowledging step and set up a bit iffy and apologizes for forced conscription of slaves. we can't depend of course comfort women during war were to come right out my sis there is no doubt about the truths of the statement than at any investigation or the pace eased meaningless. u s continues to go to the japanese army set up a card for stations because of wartime needs and rights to
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designate as personnel to watch over them. no statement was made after studies on evidence which forms its racist. and he did not speak without thinking of donating a l'oreal s at gazprom any staff from nineteen ninety four to nineteen ninety six and he stressed that the statement has been adopted by the four previous japanese government says it was unseated by then she meets at the tree hill he called all in nineteen ninety three and stay true to me it's the japanese on the force between two hundred and four hundred thousand between an intersection of slavery in the country's eat it all to christ. right now not weighed in after the japanese she happens to the tree issue he did so the stats on monday as evidence given by so much
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slaves will be re examined so got sick that the government will consider any possible revisions. a number of conservative lawmakers are also seeking to these threats is the official policy and they say there is a lack of a wartime evidence to support the cause of statement. and i feel my hero dies down drop below ten is the first european woman to publicly admit she was a false be conscripted by the japanese on the answer slaves. she was nineteen years that would add that i'm leaving with my parents in that really into the cia before she was acting and raped by japanese soldiers of many lists that have rescued off the tip and some undead and luke goss day and she went with this story in two thousand and one of the cecil
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sixteen south korean women tap dance on tv and she told cctv report that she was upset when she had the japanese government's denials. two days. so i don't want to experience it the tool. this weekend. no it's me. before we could do with that. she went to huntington said. it's true this one oh and it happened it didn't. good bye to them it goes well. it's time to talk about it. and as you can
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a piece of history. and she began destinations you know i should talk to me. it is used to call and he said. i just got to do. i noticed a walker. and you know. to say how nasb the first european woman to papa aka midst. she was mostly conscripted by the chinese army as slaves in the blue one too meanwhile china is calling on the japanese side to handle. it's a historical problem is with us always and responds well executed the only and forced conscription of slaves in occupied countries is a huge crime committed by the japanese mini treaty will look to which completely goes against humanity. april to be
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a mental and physical harm to the victims. we hope the japanese government to do with his historical problem with honesty and responsibility. most of the victims have passed away so we go to japan to do it over with responsibility to sort the hearts of the living and active gets rescued he said. let's go to that as a live demonstration in the country's capital the stockade peacefully has ended it with class is but some of the protesters moved towards a major highway to build traffic security forces began to fly at tm past and thence to the protest as students began ticking clock is ticking bomb president and he has matured of the sign able to do monday the government released a tainted students. this is a branch from a high inflation and shocking crime rates two
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shopping days of basic foods and the next. the passion of political rivals. the two week crises since the nation's a blessed unrest in the decade. sixteen people have been killed in a protest today is an ebay this week a mature aged and it's the tiny o'connell festivities by two days but this topic from the state helping dad to take the keys out to the armrest here in farm is still waay down one and has retreated to his country's of catch your ear by the case is chemical arsenal an seo is all the good news agency sana post at the helm of it and make the pledge on says they want me to wish that secrete be paid to the conceit of the un joint commission to remove chemical weapons from syria. the colts lead pellets
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and daddy out to be about chemical weapons which built an ounce before shipment of chemicals out of sheer in syria. and according to a un people actually see the documents. holiday timetable to remove all chemicals by the end of may and your pc's have you made a counter proposal to finish the removal by the end as much. and the us uk because already a close on syria to speed up expressing growing concern that several mystic knights is a dutchman has a psychic security concerns and some recruitment agency remains fully committed to the process. i should go to brazil late to nelson mandela is being ordered to by tradition the breeze in a mosque factory in the addicted narrow and out responding to the proceeds
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from all reports from riyadh that janeiro the robber at the top of the nation south africa the day he's the tall said the mosque at this year's carnival. he's just some of the realm of space is created and one of brazil's own this mask back to me here you can find with the imprinted into my room set. us president obama and many of the bill when he gets present and past with primeval people often found that fifty five year old factories operating at full capacity. perhaps not surprisingly they must confront your party icon nelson mandela is a tough sell in brazil a country with a large bloc of nations. and as muscle cars that run through us thought of each of the factory expect that thousands of evidence will buy


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